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There’s little else that can bring a sense of safety and security to your home than ensuring it is secure from burglars. There are many ways you can achieve this, but have you considered having a security audit undertaken to make sure your home and valuables are safe?

The main task is not only ensuring that your levels of home security are adequate, but that there is focus on areas in and around your home that could be potentially vulnerable. CCTV is great, for example, but if it isn’t directed towards the right areas, it could be redundant.

Security audits are typically carried out by security professionals, such as a locksmith in Sutton, who will come into your home to review the security measures you have in place, what extras you may need, and to highlight any vulnerabilities. You would receive a report detailing the audit, and any measures and guidance required.

The security auditors will be equipped with a checklist that allows them to survey the property thoroughly. This would include such items as the locks on doors and windows, and the ease at which thieves could gain access to you home, garage, shed, etc.

The report will present any problem areas around your home, such as faulty locks, damaged or broken fences and walls, damaged and vulnerable windows and doors, and external areas that require illumination.

The next step, on receiving the report, would be the installation of additional or newer security systems, such as new locks, alarms systems and CCTV, which needs to be of high enough quality to get identifiable images of intruders, and also to have it facing potential weak points.

If you’re looking for locksmiths in Kingston to replace your locks and beef up your security, get in touch today.

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