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Making sure that your home is properly protected and secure is essential, as you never know when you might be targeted by burglars and it’s certainly always better to be safe than sorry.

You may be inspired to review your domestic security after hearing how Paul Gascoigne’s home was raided recently, with £140,000 worth of jewellery taken by the intruders – including a diamond watch that he had given to his late father.

According to the London Evening Standard, the former footballer made an appearance on Good Morning Britain to make an appeal over the incident, saying: “It’s heartbreaking. When you see people getting robbed, you never really think about it until it happens to yourself. Now that I’m talking about it, it’s really hit me.”

He went on to say that now whenever he goes out, he starts to worry that the front door will be open when he gets home. But he did go on to praise Dorset Police, saying they’ve been “really good and helpful” in dealing with the burglary.

There are all sorts of security options available to homeowners these days and you should perhaps take full advantage of this if you are concerned about crime rates in your local area. Smart home security systems can prove very useful, as can gravel driveways so you can hear people approach and motion-activated lights inside and outside.

If you find you need burglary repairs following a break-in, get in touch with Ideal Locks today to see how we can help make your home immediately more secure, giving you and your family greater peace of mind.

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